Classmates and friends,

 2003 marked the 30-year anniversary of our High School Graduation and what better way to celebrate than to have a party...A REALLY BIG PARTY!

 Our Reunion plans were two years in the making and set in motion by Karen Caffo, which evolved into “Our Reunion Weekend”. The weekend event started with a Dinner Dance Friday, October 17th, 2003 at 7pm

at the Concordville Inn, consuming a full five hours right up to the bewitching hour of 12:00 midnight.

Tickets were $50 and included an open bar cocktail hour in the lobby, Dinner in the ballroom, and dancing ‘til midnight with "DJ Doug", A cash bar was provided after the cocktail hour. We also had a photographer, Stephen Martin, who provided us with lots of memorable photos.

 Saturday, October 18th, we continued our reunion with a tour of the new High School and a Post Reunion Party held at Durty Nelly's in Ridley.

For a class of 752, we had served 221 dinners for people who had come from as far away as Encinitas, CA, (2763 miles) and Corvalis, OR (2954 miles). We are a diverse group with some individuals single, some married (married again…and/or again), and several even married classmates. Those with families having one to seven children. Grandmothers and grandfathers were in attendance, doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement, government, technology, coaches, military, construction, hotel and healthcare workers as well. The Arts are represented with singers, musicians, comedians and actors.