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Please feel free to submit a short paragraph on what you are doing now since graduation.  Let us know about your marital status, kids, job etc.

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Loretta Abrams - Updated 10/15/2003 - Married 25 years to Steve-the best guy in the whole world. We have 3 kids: Jeff, 23,a graduate of Williamson Trade School and head of painting and restorations at Riddle Village; also coaches lacrosse at Williamson. Jeanette, 20, a soph at Monmouth University in NJ majoring in business marketing and on a lacrosse scholarship. She set a record at Upper Darby for lacrosse w/the highest number of goals ever in girls lax. Lastly is Julie, 17, a junior at Upper Darby and not a lax player. She is a very gifted flautist and looking to study nursing. I am a nurse who has pretty much hit every area of practice and now am very stress free in an office and home care.


Terry Albertson - Updated 10/15/2003 - My husband Ralph and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on Sept 14. We have 2 grown kids, Keith is 26 and is a cabinet installer. Nichole is 29, married John almost 7 years ago and has given us 3 grandchildren, Kaitlin 4 1/2, Meghan 2 1/2 and Jacob 15 months. They are just TOO CUTE and we enjoy them very much. They call us Grammy and Grampy. We are living in Tarpon Springs, Florida, (20 minutes away from Phillies spring training camp) and less than 1 mile from the Gulf of Mexico. We were transferred here by Xerox, who Ralph was working for at the time and have been here for almost 10 years and loving every minute of it. Will only come home to visit. No more cold for us. It is too cold for us when it hits the 50's. I have been working in the Medical field with many different positions for about 22 years. Since moving to Florida I have been working in the Billing Dept for 2 different orthopedic groups. Four years ago I started working with a Pain Management Doctor in private practice as her Billing Manager. We have 3 other additions to our home, a 6-year-old Rat Terrier named Indie, a 2 yr old Italian greyhound named Tugger and an Umbrella Cockatoo bird named Pia, (her name is short for Pain In Ass).


Joan Alexander -  Updated 9/10/2008 - Been married 31 yrs. to a great guy, also a ridley grad. we moved to lancaster county Quarryville area and have 2 daughters Stephani 26 and Sarah 22yrs. Steph lives in gulfport mississippi with her husband who is in the airforce stationed at kessler. she is a dental hygienist- she got the dental bug from me, i've been a dental assistant for more years then i want to count!! Sarah is a brand new mom,a baby boy Wade Everett born August 31st at a whopping 9lbs.8oz!! first grandchild for us so we are just thrilled. sarah's husband is from this area but has family in ridley.




Fran Bascelli - Updated 10/15/2003 - Officer for the Ridley Township Police Department


Joanne Bascelli - Updated 10/15/2003 - I am an Event Planner for North America - employed at DuPont Dow. My husband Richard owns an Office Machine Service and Supply Company, and I have a 20-year-old daughter that attends Penn State Main Campus.


Shirley Blackburn - Updated 10/15/2003 - I've been in nursing 28 years and work at several hospitals in the area.


Vince Bonina - Updated 10/15/2003 - Fire Suppression Systems Engineer. Married 28 yrs with two children. Nicole 24 who is a Spanish Teacher at Ridley High, and Vincent 22 who Graduated Widener this year and is now at University of New Hampshire in a Physics Phd program.


Bob Borden - Updated 10/15/2003 - I've been teaching English at Conestoga Valley (outside of Lancaster) for 27 years and am the head boys' basketball coach (22 years) as well as the assistant football coach. I am married to a fellow English teacher at CV named Arashay. No we don't spend our evenings reciting poetry to each other, but we do often spend our evenings grading essays together! (unable to attend due to prior commitment)


Steve Borja - Updated 10/15/2003 - I retired from the Pa State Police on April 11,2003 after 25 years of service at the rank of corporal. I was stationed at Bowmansville, Towanda, Highspire and retired at Bowmansville where I've lived the last 15 years in eastern Lancaster County. I've been married for 22 years and have a son who is a soph at Va. Tech and wrestling there on a 90% scholarship. My daughter is a senior in high school playing field hockey with plans on playing in college. My youngest son is in 3rd grade and plays football, basketball, baseball and wrestles. I have coached in Lancaster county for approximately 20 years. I have coached 2 P.I.A.A. state champions. One in 1990 at Lancaster Catholic and most recently my son in 2002 at Garden Spot. He was runner-up in 2001. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Bob Bruno - Updated 10/15/2003 - I joined the Air Force in 1980 because they promised to let me fly airplanes for a living. I flew C-130s at Little Rock, Fayetteville, N.C., and Frankfurt, Germany. I also did a tour at our headquarters in St. Louis, and then was a teacher at the Training and Education Center for Excellence here in N.J. I finished my career commanding a squadron of 130 people with responsibility for thirty million in equipment and $1.7 million annual budget. Retired in 2001 and now work as a Senior Analyst for Computer Sciences Corp. also in NJ. Sylvia (class of 78) and I have three kids. Jennifer is a senior at UNC and just returned from a year studying in Germany. Danielle is a sophomore here at community college. And Bob, Jr. is a junior at Shawnee High School who plays soccer.


Marilyn Bubel - Updated 10/15/2003 - Healthcare


Kathy Bundrick - Updated 10/15/2003 - I've been married for 23 years. I have 3 sons, Josh 21, Chris 19, and Kevin 16. My husband, Glenn is retired from the Marine Corps. We moved back to Pa. last year and bought a house in West Chester. The boys find living here very different from all the other places we've lived. But we like living around our families again. Email me at kmrb1@hotmail.com


Joanne Burkley Houck -  Updated 9/10/2008 - I am the Manager of Product Stewardship for Sunoco. I can't believe I've been there 30 years. I used to laugh at people who were this old. I'm married to Don (Upper Darby, '71) and we live in Garnet Valley with our two kids, Zach and Casey. This is going to be a very stressful year since Zach will be turning 21 (if anyone sees him at a bar - send him home) and Casey will be turning 16 (if anyone sees her on the road - exercise extreme caution). Zach has been trying to "find himself" and looks like he will be studying education at West Chester. Casey is a freshman at Garnet Valley and is enjoying the social life of high school. We spend our time going to the kids' games - Zach coaches lacrosse for the local youth club and Casey plays tournament volleyball, travel soccer and also plays volleyball and softball for Garnet Valley.




Cassie Carter - Updated 10/15/2003 - I am currently working with a small hotel chain, Inns of America Suites, as Director of Sales at our Carlsbad, CA properties. Here 3 years by way of Ft. Lauderdale- 3 1/2 yrs, Long Beach, CA- 12 yrs, and of course Philly. Been in the hotel business since 1976,in all phases and with 10 different hotel chains. Married 5 yrs, divorced in 1985, no children, but have one cat "Casey". Like to travel & love the beach & weather here in San Diego!


JoAnn Cavanaugh - Updated 10/15/2003 - I live in Lancaster, PA. I have been married to Michael Martinelli for 26 years and have 3 boys. Chris is 22 and attends West Chester University, Nick is 20 and attends Rowan University in NJ, and Thomas, 18 who is a senior at Manheim Township High School. My husband and I own a screen-printing and embroidery business called B & T Sportswear in Columbia, PA.


Patti Celani Orsini -  Updated 10/10/2008 - My husband David and I (married 22 years) live at Cedar Lake in northern New Jersey. We have two children, a Jack Russell Terrier, a cat and recently inherited our daughter’s fish. Our son is junior in college in Philadelphia studying Political Science, and our daughter is a freshman in college in DC, studying Biology and French. Both are very active in the performing arts. Two Bachelors’ and an MBA later, I work for a national physical rehab company as an Occupational Therapist/Therapy Program Manager. The Philadelphia area will always be home to me and I continue to visit friends and family there frequently. Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow night!!!


Kathy Christie - Updated 10/15/2003 - Married for 29 to Vincent Minnucci, have 6 children ages 27 to 10 and 1granddaughter. We have been living in Ridley Park 27 years.


Joe Ciliberto - Updated 10/15/2003 - I wish I could have attended the reunion. The pictures look great and everyone still looks terrific. I'm single (divorced) and never had any children of my own. I work for a popular movie channel on TV in a senior management position. Having coffee on the beach in the morning is the best way to start your day. I would love to "catch up" with my friends/classmates from Ridley. Feel free to contact me at HarleyDayz02@aol.com.


Ron Clarke -  Updated 9/15/2008 - My wife, Pam and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We met at Rick's Place in Ridley. We have two children, Michelle and Doug. Doug is my mini me. We have been blessed with 3 grand daughters, Kayla, Julia and Olivia. We live in Bear, Delaware.
I own a Unfranchise business and my wife owns a medical management practice.
I had the privilege to lead a team to La Tabla, Costa Rica on a missions trip and minister to the children and women. Pam and I have been teaching Bible studies to the women in the Delaware Prison. Who would have ever thought I would be teaching instead of being a prisoner. God is good!


Steve Constable -  Updated 9/29/2008 - I invented the Internet while at college, but my roommate, a nerd named Al Gore, stole it from me and got all the credit. Disillusioned with the political process, I've voted Independent since 1976. After peaking at Ridley, I've continued spiraling downward throughout my 10 year long college career, with a succession of loose women, lots of wine and off-key song ultimately taking me to the sewer, which is how I now make money, as a wastewater engineer for a large chemical company located in Delaware whose name will remain, well nameless to protect their reputation, since I have none. Have a 10 year old son who is the light of my life, a couple of psychotic cats, two stepchildren, a terrorist detection and determent system which has yet to be tested and generally a boring life of wealth, fame and fortune in the suburbs of Newark, Delaware, which try as I may, just won't kick me out despite how poorly I behave. I look forward to comparing beer belly size with my fellow male Ridley graduates and promise not to offend too many of the women, unlike my days at Ridley. As an update since the 30th reunion, I've since made up with my former college roommate, met him for drinks and told him my new idea for a documentary film. A year or so later he got the Nobel for telling An Inconvenient Truth, so he's back on my list of bad carbon credits. My son is now almost 16 and despite the snarls and rolled eyes, he's still a light in my life, though he's reached the age where I worry more about him getting lit. I've got drum lessons, the Internet and (soon to be) the car keys to keep him in line and avoid the temptations that I succumbed to at an early age. The cats remain in psychosis, with the (much) more geriatric of the two one step away from "swimming with the fishes" if she leaves gifts on the floor one more time. After 20 years and 5 years of negotiation, I am happily divorced. And though Robin Williams described divorce as the Latin word for have your genitals removed through the wallet, I merely lost most of the wallet- the rest is intact. My son lives with me and my step-children remain in my life; I've got a lovely, smart and sassy long-time love interest - what more could you ask for? The beer belly has been replaced with a wine cellulite, the memory is shot and money floats by faster than I ever imagined, but I look forward to seeing you all at the 35th, if not also the 40th through 85th. Hellos, advice, criticisms and most importantly pledges to the son's college fund can be submitted to njenear@comcast.net.


George Cooper - Updated 10/15/2003 - I've worked for FedEx for 14 years, and Eastern Airlines before that for 10 years, where I met my wife Jackie (an RN) to whom I've been married for over 20 years...no kids, three cats, and have lived in Florida since 1980 (except for 2 1/2 years in Maine and Tennessee for FedEx). Have lived in Paradise, Sanibel Island, for the past nine years.... life is good.


Pat Cosenza - Updated 10/15/2003 - I am unable to attend the reunion due to a family commitment but I have heard from a lot of people and have enjoyed the updates. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting this all together. I work at Crozer Keystone Health System and run the Child and Adolescent Out Patient Mental Health unit. I also teach Social Work at Widener and have a private clinical practice in Media. I've been married for almost thirty years, live in Glen Mills and have three kids. My oldest daughter is a photographer in New York, my second daughter is married and teaches in Virginia and my son is a senior at Bucknell where he is the captain of the Lacrosse team. Please tell Shirley Blackburn to get in touch with me and I'll give her the goods on Division 1 Lacrosse! Have a great time and please post lots of pictures.


Marion Cross -  Updated 9/15/2008 - After graduation I married (Michael Casadonti) and worked for the Franklin Mint. In 1978 we moved to Chester County and when our daughter (Melissa) was born in 1981 I was able to be a stay at home Mom and in 1988 our son (Russell) was born.
There was a crazy restaurant close to home so I decided to go back to work P/T. I really enjoyed working and became full time. By, 1996 the marriage ended, but after working and learning about the restaurant, I became the manager. As they say- when 1 door closes- another one opens, and so it did.
The owner and I started dating and got engaged in 2001 and married in 2005. He had sold the restaurant, but had many other business to keep me busy. In March of this year, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and passed away in April. I still help his daughter with the businesses and watch my 3 wonderful grandchildren while Melissa goes to college for nursing.
Russell, is 20 now and is in the Air Force. He is stationed in Okinawa, Japan, but is leaving for a 3 month volunteer deployment to Iraqi on the 16th of Sept.
Send emails to marianartinian@hotmail.com


Suzanne K. Csanady -  Updated 9/10/2008 - Project Manager living in Dublin PA but looking to relocate to the Chester County in the near future. Mother of two, Mary Beth, successful stylist in Havertown and Stephen, an environmentalist and yes, grandmother of EmaLeigh, 2. Please feel free to email me at vep1983@comcast.net.




Frank Daly - Updated 10/15/2003 - I've been married for 12 years and have 2 children, my son Kyle is 8 and my daughter Emma is 5. We live in Landenberg in Southern Chester County. I am the COO for a technology-consulting firm in King of Prussia.


Ted Demski -  Updated 9/10/2008 - Lives in Morton, PA with his wife, Donna. Has a daughter Diana (20) that attends Widener University and a son Ted (23) working and out on his own. Since 1981 works for federal government most recently at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in Philadelphia as Section Chief for Facilities Management. Loves going to all Eagles home football games & tailgate parties (even those below freezing), and whatever Flyer's, Sixer's & Phillies games he can get tickets to. Has a place in Ocean City, NJ and can frequently be seen in Atlantic City casinos -- Hilton, Bally's and Tropicana or on the beach & boardwalk.


Diane DiDomenico - Updated 10/15/2003 - Aerospace Engineer - TRW/Hughes Aircraft/Titan Corporation (1980-93), Systems Engineer - Startek Engineering (1994-current). Also licensed CA RE Broker, Santa Fe Realty. Married twice (1974, 1984), two children, currently divorced and living in LA since 1980, except for a short stint in Great Falls, VA (Wash D.C.) in 1986. Took only one winter to head back to the sunshine. BS Penn State, MS Univ of Maryland and a PhD attempt working on the Space Station with the Russian subcontractors. Plan to celebrate my 100th BD on the 4th Rock and am lobbying with CalTech and JPL for NASA funding for robotic/manned mission space exploration. Get very homesick especially with the "Philly Cheesesteak taking over as the latest fast food craze (Taco Bell??!!!) and of course friends, family and the many memories of Ridley. Look forward to seeing everyone.


Mick DiFlo -  Updated 9/15/2008 - I've been in NYC since the end of '01. I started out doing extra work and being a part-time doorman while acting and performing in a sketch group ('Hazmat'), but for the last 4 years have been payin my dues in the comedy clubs doing standup while making ends meet with the other jobs. Sort of reminds me of my college days (that was a crazy month....)
Also married a New Yorker (Rita, a writer) and live in Manhattan (lower east side). If you're ever in NYC, get in touch if you want via the link below.


Debra Dinyon -  Updated 9/17/2008 - Since high school, I have worked primarily in the health care field. First as an RN in mostly ICU and ER, and then management. Went back and got a MS at St. Joe's in Philadelphia and worked as a VP at the local hospital here in Cape May County. Currently living in the Cape May Court House, NJ area not too far from Wildwood. Married, divorced and remarried. My husband, Richard, is a Family Practice physician here and I run his two office locations in Wildwood Crest and North Cape May.

I have 3 children of my own, Kelly, Mike and Ryan, 2 stepchildren, Rick and Renee, and 1 beautiful little grandchild, Samantha. My oldest stepchild is 32 and my youngest child is 9. They are all doing great in various careers (except the 9 year old who is in grammar school) and they all live here in New Jersey so I get to see them all often.

In my spare time, I do volunteer work and am currently the Board President of CASA of Atlantic and Cape May Counties. We train volunteers to act as court advocates for abused and neglected children in foster care. My husband and I enjoy traveling and recently bought a place in Florida, near Ft. Myers for "get-aways". So...life is good!!!!


Angela DiOstilio -  Updated 9/10/2008 - I still have my same husband, Rich, and my lovely 5 children. They are 5 years older now…
(Christina—age 28, a nurse
Deanna—age 26, a Spanish teacher and coach at Delaware County Christian College,
Michael---23, an accountant with Price, Waterhouse, Coopers,
Laura—20, a math student and tennis player at Ursinus University,
Stephen—a junior and tennis player at Phoenixville Area High School)
Our home is located in Phoenixville, PA -- My 89 year old Italian Mom has moved in with us
I currently teach third grade at East Pikeland Elementary School
Hobbies: My husband and I are trying our hand at "ballroom dancing"


Bob Dougherty - Updated 10/15/2003 - Dob 9-28-55 President & Ceo of Dougherty's Tv two locations - married Joann Scott Penncrest class of 72 one daughter Megan one dog Sasha. Live in Upper Providence Delco by Ridley Creek State Park [pervert capital of Pa] health ok but have problems with ticker and now wear bi-focals [maybe falling apart] is more accurate. Still ski,fish,hike,garden play fantasy football and baseball and will be seen me at the Phillies games section 143 row 2 seats 13&14 for about 25 games if your there stop by I'll buy the beers.Plan on retiring to the Poconos in 5 years


Billie Duncan - Updated 10/15/2003 - Pharmaceuticals


Joe Dyabelko - Updated 10/15/2003 - I'm working at Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia (22 years now) as a Data Systems Engineer. After college, I lived in Maryland for a while where I taught high school Math.




Bob Ferranti - Updated 10/15/2003 - After graduation I went to work for Gulf Oil Corp. where I worked for alittle over twelve years as a certified welder.I moved on after Chevron bought the Philadelphia refinery and started a profession in the auto industry where I became a certified A.S.E. Master Technician and worked for Wilkie Buick ,a Chevy/Buick/Subaru dealership for many more years and two bad marriages.In 1998 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and osteo-arthritis and had to leave the auto industry to survive without me ,HAHA.So....after a long and thorough search across the country, I moved to the west coast , returned to being a certified welder once again and lived for two years in Vancouver ,Washington while working for Cascade Corp,an international company that manufactured fork-lift attachments for material handling of all sorts and there I met I met my present wife, Diane, and we now live in Newberg ,Oregon, right in the center of the Willamette Valley wine country which to me is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, considering the mild climate and beautiful scenic views all around.I have three children (Jason,23, Joey,19 and Marissa,16) and Diane has two (Brandon,17 and Cameron,12)and we brought our families together and havent stopped having fun since.I have to say that the best thing to happen to me has to be when I was told I had to stop working in the auto industry.If not for that,I would never have found Diane and the wonderfull place we live in.Its just a small town life and I love it! Oh... Living near a live volcano is pretty cool too ! I would love to hear from all my friends anytime. Wcstman1@aol.com


Art Filipetto -  Updated 9/15/2008 - After spending several years in the military after college, I have been employed in the engineering field for the past 28 years. For the past 8 years I have been employed at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard as a Mechanical Engineer involved with the construction of both Container Carrier Ships and Chemical/Oil Tankers. I am currently a resident of Glassboro, New Jersey where I have lived for the past 17 years. Recently widowed after 25 wonderful years together and have only one wonderful daughter who is ready to graduate High School and my next best friend, Maxi, who is a Black Labrador Retriever


Bob Fitz - Updated 10/15/2003 - Last October celebrated 25 years of marriage with my wife Mary Joan. In November, I will have been working for 30 in information systems for the same company even though we have been purchased a couple times. When I started the company was called Teledyne Wirz and then we were sold in 1997 to CCL Industries and just this month sold again to a new privately held company named IntraPac. As part of the sale I have been named Vice President of Information Technology. Needless to say I am very excited with the news. It was not official the other night when I stopped by or I would have mentioned it at that time. I got a call on Saturday (my birthday) at home from the company president informing me that they agreed on my promotion.


Debbie Ford - Updated 10/15/2003 - I made my professional singing debut at Washington Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 1985. I have received recognition for having won the NJ State Opera Competition and American Institute of Musical Studies Competition in Graz, Austria and most recently won 1st Place in the Savannah OnStage Vocal Competition, Savannah GA. I have performed in St. Louis, Los Angeles and with symphonies in Harrisburg, Trenton and Princeton. I sang for the opening of the Kimmel Center in December 2001, being the first to sing on that stage. I currently perform and am the Music Director at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Trenton, teach Music and Ethics at Trinity Academy. In September of this year I became a faculty member of the Stuart Country Day School located in Princeton as their Choir Master. I maintain a private voice studio and serve on the board of Trenton Arts Connection.


Diane Ford - Updated 10/15/2003 - I have worked as a Medical Practice Manager for 17 years. For the last 5 years I have been Director of Career Services at a post-secondary proprietary medical training school. I am also a licensed minister and work with my father at Ebenezer Baptist Church in New Brunswick, NJ. I am married to a wonderful man my childhood sweetheart and we have 2 children Adrianna 20-studying Industrial Engineering at Rutgers University, and Andrew 12 a 7th grade honor roll student. I am currently in school again seeking a degree in Training and Development so that I can do corporate training. LIFE IS GRAND!!!!!!!!!


Brian Fraser - Updated 10/15/2003 - I'm doing great working at Boeing for the last 16 years.


Helene Furlong - Updated 10/15/2003 - For the past many years, I have been performing with a local amateur musical theater group, the Rose Valley Chorus and Orchestra. I am currently the Assistant Music Director, and a member of the cast of "Me and My Girl." We open on October 17th and have a matinee and evening performance on the 18th, so I can't even make the party at Durty Nellies. Show runs the following weekend, too. I was already cast and in rehearsals before I received the invitation to the reunion.




Larry Gloner - Updated 10/15/2003 - I work at Swarthmore College as the Purchaser for the Facilities Department and own my own DJ business.


Nancy Goldhahn - Updated 10/15/2003 - I have been married almost 29 years to my husband Bill and have raised two wonderful children. My son Ed is 25 and graduated from Widener School of Engineering and presently works @ Nooter Construction. My daughter Colleen is 23 and also graduated from Widener. She is currently back @ Widener pursuing her Masters in Elementary Ed. I've been working @ Taylor Hospital in the Risk Management/QM&I Department for 14 years. I am anxiously awaiting our 30th reunion!!


Debra Grosso -  Updated 9/15/2008 - I have been living in Middletown Township, Delaware County since 1983. Our home is located a stone's throw away from Tyler Arboretum and Ridley Creek State Park. I enjoy nature, and all that comes with it. That is why we chose to build here. I have been married to Gary for 32 years. And, have been a Realtor for over 20 years. I've worked long and hard to build up my clientele, and am well versed in all aspects of real estate. When Long and Foster came to PA, they made me an offer I could not refuse. I work out of the Newtown Square Office, but cover Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties.

I have two sons, Eric 27 who is operations manager for LA Fitness and Justin who is an accounting major, still in school obviously. Both of my sons are single, and I have no grandchildren. I have a Bichon "Gizmo" who is the light of my life and two cats. I am involved with animal rescue work, when it finds me. A few years back I rescued 18 Muscovy ducks. The males weigh about 18lbs each. I like to take photographs, which everyone complains about, but request copies of them when they see them. I often photograph animals of all kinds, deer, foxes, herons, egrets, you name it. Genealogy is another hobby that I've being working on for several years now.

I enjoy traveling and most recently went to Greece. I am very fortunate to have my life long friends Sue Donato and Diana Emlet, own beach homes near mine. We love sitting on the beach in Bethany, DE, watching dolphins and going to our favorite hang out, Mangos. We have been known to take a Pontoon boat to Seacrets, in OC, MD. We still really enjoy ourselves, but have decided to stop table dancing.

My email is: debragrosso@gmail.com.




Ken Harper -  Updated 9/16/2008 - Married 25 years, my wife's name is Evelyn, we have 3 sons, all college graduates, 2 granddaughters & 1 grandson. Now working at Weichert Realtors in Media, for the past 2 years.


Lee Harper - Updated 10/15/2003 - Currently Project Manager in Commercial Construction. Past lives include: Played trombone in Disco Band (3 years) performing S. Jersey/Phila area, Owned Land Development and Residential Building Co., Owned Restaurant (ZAC¦S Hamburgers in Primos).


Diane Hawrylak -  Updated 10/3/2008 - Happily married for 14 years and living in Northern Virginia for 23 years. My husband Phil and I have a terrific son, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and one precocious granddaughter. In July 2008, I celebrated 35 years of Federal service, 1 with the Army and 34 with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. At FDIC, I oversee administrative and personnel programs in the Division of Resolutions and Receiverships. Phil has been retired for 12 years and continues to be a wonderful house husband. We also have three sassy calicos who rule our home. After I retire in March 2010, we'll relocate near the coast – either NC or SC. Sorry I can't make it up this time! Duty calls. Have a fun and successful reunion!!!!!


Bill Herker - Updated 10/15/2003 - Dividing time between PA & South NJ Real Estate Development, Trailer Parks, Marinas, etc.


Dave Hicks - Updated 10/15/2003 - Moved to the Poconos shortly after graduation. Worked as a machinist for a few years and was laid off in 1975. Joined the Air Force in 1976. After basic and tech school, was stationed at Little Rock AFB Arkansas. Spent my entire enlistment at Little Rock as a tech on the Titan II ICBM. Used the GI bill and got a BS degree in industrial engineering and later got a MS. Met my wife while in the Air Force and got married 5 years later. We're still married and have two children and we live in Cabot Arkansas, outside of Little Rock. We also have two dogs and a cat. I am a Facilities Manager for Molex Inc and have been there for about 7 years, prior to that I was an engineer and then a manager for the Remington Arms Co for about 18 years. When I'm not working, which is rare, I enjoy working out, fishing, wood working and auto mechanics. I've been out of touch for a long time and have never been to a reunion. I just recently became interested in getting in touch with old classmates. I guess you get sentimental as you get older...


Joe Hultz - Updated 10/15/2003 - I currently reside in Palermo, N.J., three miles from the beach in Ocean City (and waiting for the big storm to make us beach front.). I have two great children, Kelly 21 and getting married and Michael a senior in high school. They didn't do the things WE did in high school. Senior Week is a bust for them with dad around the corner... I remarried a few years back to a wonderful lady Evelyn. We are having a great time and will be leaving for London next week. I may have the record for continuous employment. After helping me with a scholarship and providing me with a job to pay for college, I remained with Acme Markets. This November I will start my 33rd year. I'm looking forward to seeing many old friends on Friday.




Susan Innamaroto - Updated 10/15/2003 - Presently work in payroll office of Widener University where I am highly worshipped. Have a degree from DCCC in business and from Widener in Psychology. Divorced. One teenage daughter named Rebecca, and a dachshund named Fritz. Live back in Ridley Park where I grew up.




Sandi Jackson - Updated 10/15/2003 - I have been working for TV Guide Magazine for 28 years. Sam and I have two children and two dogs! Suzanne is 23. Graduated from Penncrest High School and West Chester University just like her Dad! Suzanne is a Special Ed Teacher for SPIN (Special People In the Northeast) Her classroom has 10 children aged between 3-5. Sammy is 19 and attending DCCC. Sam is pursuing his degree in Heating, Ventilation/AC and is talking about continuing his engineering courses at Drexel. We adopted Guinness (the problem child) a black Lab Mix a few years ago and then Suzanne brought home Peanut, a Black and Tan long Hair Dachshund. For the past eight years I have worked with Alex Shaw for the yearly reunions for the Ridley Township Class of 1941. My mom graduated 1941. I did their reunion announcements for the first time in 1996 (the year my mom passed away) and have continued ever since in her memory.


Patricia Janney - Updated 10/15/2003 - Employed with the commonwealth of PA for 25 years. First 20 at an institution for the mentally retarded and now 5 for the department of public welfare. I have 2 children. My daughter 20 is a senior at Washington and Jefferson College and my son 18 is a freshman at Cal U of PA. I have been divorced 15 years. I live in a very small town south of Pittsburgh.


Patrick Janney - Updated 10/15/2003 - Chemist


Diane Johnson - Updated 10/15/2003 - Living in S.C. for 23 years. I am married. I have a 29 yr. old daughter (Georgia) and a 10 yr. old grandson (Jamie Lee). I am a quality verifier at Bridgestone/Firestone-S.C.


Karen Johnson - Updated 10/15/2003 - I have been married for 29 years, five of them I have been separated. Now going through the divorce thing. I have three daughters; the oldest just got married last November. She works for Taylor Hospital as an RN. The youngest is in 10th grade at good new Ridley. I live in Ridley use to live in Norwood, so my two oldest went to Interboro. I was an assistant manager in a bank and got tired of being robbed so I switched to taking care of people. I worked as a tech for five years at Taylor and was one year away from getting my RN when I got hurt in work. I have been out on workers comp for the last five years. So all you people that work for the Crozer system, I am not to fond of it, but don't worry I don't bite. I have three grandsons. The oldest lives with me (7) and one granddaughter. She came with my daughter¦s husband but is a princess and they are all spoiled. Now I am just waiting for all my aches and pains to go away, so I can get back to doing something.




Dave Kagel - Updated 10/15/2003 - After college, BA Theatre Arts, worked in airfreight trucking for 24 years, 8 months, 11 days. Worked my way up from driver to dispatcher to supervisor to "Sorry, the corporate managers have driven the company into the ground so we won't be needing you anymore." Bitter? Not me. I was just ACTING like I enjoyed my job. (see college major above) Was rescued by old friend Dave Marchowsky. Am now working in a chemical research & development lab. Whoda thunkit? I got a D in 10th grade chemistry. Married Oct 17, 1992 to a Philly girl. Living in Washington Twp., NJ with Kathy, Alison 10, Maura 8 & Kevin 5.


Curt Kelchner - Updated 10/15/2003 - I¦ve been with Scott Paper/Kimberly Clark for 30 years.


Carol Kelly - Updated 10/15/2003 - Elementary teacher; 2 children, one graduated from college, one a senior at college, married 26 years


Michelle Kohn -  Updated 9/15/2008 - I moved around a bit, but ended up in Chester County and love it. It is also close to work - where I've been employed for 23 years now! MEI, Inc. world famous for unattended payment systems (a little plug). I have 2 great children and a grandson who is beautiful! It took about 15 years to complete an associate's degree, then a Batchelors while working. If that wasn't enough, I went back for a second degree. Must have been bored.... Looking forward to the reunion and catching up.


Rosemary Koterba Ferry -  Updated 9/29/2008 - Living in northern Virginia since 1998. Married for 28 years to Alex who I met at Widener University. Have two children: my daughter is 20 and is a journalism major in college and a son, who is a senior in high school. I currently work for a consulting company doing program and project management. Have played piano at the Sheraton Premiere Lobby occasionally here in Virginia which I totally enjoy. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!




Joyce Langley - Updated 10/15/2003 - I am an Instructional Designer at Boeing.


Marc Levin -  Updated 9/10/2008 - I continue to practice dentistry in center city Philadelphia (215 241-0700) and coach varsity boys soccer at Chestnut Hill Academy. My e-mail address is drlevin@drlevin.com.


Mark "Steve" Littleton -  Updated 9/10/2008 - Residence: Valrico, Florida
Married with one daughter (Amber age 24)
Wife's name is Barbara
Education: Undergrad Univ of Pittsburgh at Johnstown 1977
Athletics: NCAA All-American in Cross Country and Track
Master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980
Occupation: Retired Naval Officer (21 years) and currently working at the United States Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida
Coach Track and Cross Country at a local High School for past 12 years


Bill Loftus - Updated 10/15/2003 - I live in West Virginia now after retiring from work and I built a kennel to house 50 dogs. I do boarding on a daily, weekly, etc basis. I also have dog-grooming services available. I purchased 40 acres here and have it all fenced in and then divided that into smaller sections for "play areas" for the dogs. Mind you, that does not take up all the acreage. I have my home and outbuildings on the property also. I have to admit that it is a handful at times but I love the animals and the freedoms of not having to get up for work doing the "normal" drudgery! This all started out of my desire to help the endangered species of the wolf, of which I have 2 for my own companions. They are so much more wonderful than having just a "normal" canine. Not much else other than that going on here. I retired from federal service then did a short stint with the state here in West Virginia but had the advantage of my federal time counting towards my state time for retirement purposes and took advantage of that. So I now have a federal retirement along with the state retirement and the profits from the business to keep me going. (unable to attend due to prior commitment)


Mike Luzetsky -  Updated 9/10/2008 - After graduation I became employed by Bell Of Pennsylvania, and have been with Bell Atlantic and still currently employed by Verizon.I was married for almost 30 years but lost my wife to breast cancer. I have 2 children a son and a daughter both are out on there own and doing well.We lived in Delaware County for almost 30 years, but a few years ago I relocated in the state of Delaware.It's hard to believe that it's been 35 years since our graduation. If anyone would like to keep in contact e-mail me at Lsoftail92@yahoo.com well I gotta go take care all.


Rosemary Lyons -  Updated 9/10/2008 - Practice Coordinator at the Philadelphia Heart Institute.
Widow, 2 Children ages 35 and 30. Two grandchildren ages 12 and 8.




Joe Maccario - Updated 10/15/2003 - Just wanted to let you and all ridley grads know that i have an autobody repair business located in ridley. The name is J.M. Autobody Specialist,inc 101 Sycamore Ave Folsom Pa 19033. Phone # 610 534-5226. Call me anytime if you need a car repair. Well got to go , keep in touch Joe Maccario


Russell Mallet - Updated 10/15/2003 - Navy Master Diver - Norfolk, VA


Barbara Mantini -  Updated 9/10/2008 - I reside in Glenolden. In the past 35 years I have lived in Virginia Beach, Va, Brunswick, Me and Annapolis, Md. I have been blessed with two children (27 and 29) and one beautiful granddaughter, 9 years old and a handsome grandson 21 months. Presently I work for a Pharmaceutical & Research Company in Collegeville, PA.


Maria Marinakis - Updated 10/15/2003 - Between careers right now. Keepin' busy attending DCCC, and volunteering with my Toy Poodle - Therapy Dogs Intl, Delaware County Kennel Club, Pals For Life, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Paw Partners.


Joe Masticola - Updated 10/15/2003 - Never left Ridley. I have a daughter 16 and a son 13 both at ridley. I have been working at Roddy Products Packaging Co. for 30 years and the owner. We do export crating and military packaging for contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin. You all did a fine job for the reunion and I won¦t miss the next one. We had the best calss ever to come out of Ridley. I¦ll always bleed green.


Joe Masticola -  Updated 9/10/2008 - I married in 1985 to a Ridley girl, Trish Humes. We had two children, Jessica who is 20 now and Pat who is 17. After graduation I went to work for my father in 1973. We own Roddy Products Packaging Co. Inc. in Aldan, PA. We pack items for the military and also pack and ship items for domestic and export shipments. Some of our customers are Boeing, Lockheed Martin and many government contractors in the tri-state area. I lost my mother in 1990, my sister Karin in 1993 and my father in 2007. I still live in Ridley and my children went to Ridley. We all bleed green. My daughter is now in her 3rd year at West Chester University. We adopted a greyhound last year after having a whippet for 12 years. I enjoy hunting, fishing, Ridley and Eagles football and spending time at Nassau Swim Club.


Jim McMullin - Updated 10/15/2003 - ER Doctor in Orlando, FL (unable to attend due to prior commitment)


Joy McWilliams - Updated 10/15/2003 - I'm a pediatric speech pathologist currently working at a non-profit children's therapy center. I've lived in Corvallis, Oregon for 19 of the past 22 years. I also spent a number of years living in Colorado and New Mexico. I have 2 sons--Cody, 23, who just graduated from Oregon State University, and Zane, 17, who is a senior in high school.


Dave Miller -  Updated 9/10/2008 - Hey! all you Ridley Folks. Well, I am still doing what I have been doing, and enjoy doing, for the last 30+ years. That is illustration, design, and now animation. You can check out my work at my website, www.millerstudio.com. Still married to the same woman for 28 years (hard to believe)! Wishing all the best to you alumni. I hope to make it to the reunion, and to see you there.


Valerie Monteith - Updated 10/15/2003 - Married - Occupation: Optician - Virginia Regional Manager. Let's get ready to rock-n-roll and dance the night away!


Meg Moorhouse - Updated 10/15/2003 - I married John Carpenter (we dated for 2 years in high school) in 1974 and moved to Billings, Montana three days after our wedding. We've been here ever since and it's an awesome place to raise our family. We have been blessed with 4 great children and have had a fantastic life!


Dave Moran -  Updated 9/10/2008 - I have four children Mary 22,Jennifer 25, Patrick 26,David 28.
Except of my bio
David Moran CAC, LCSW, CCDP-D, CP, PAT has been in the behavioral health field for 15 years. Presently the Director of the Recovery Center at Crozer Chester Medical Center. He is the administrative and clinical Director of 10 D&A and co-occurring disorders (COD) programs. Dave specializes in group and community interventions, working with trauma, co-occurring disorders and is a holistic healer.
Dave's certifications include Psychodramatist, Addictions Counselor, Co-occurring disorders professional, Gambling Specialist, EMDR II and Reiki II. Being active in Delaware County he is a member of a number of committees. These include Training, Cultural Competency, Adolescent, and the Delaware County Suicide Prevention Task Force. A member of the Behavioral Health Compliance and Integrity, and the Quality Assurance Committees. Dave is a member of the Executive Counsel of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama. Serving on the Institutes Committee and working with the International Association of Group Psychotherapy, Dave presents yearly at the ASGPP conf erence, he is passionate about psychodrama as a tool for healing individuals& communities. He is also a consultant for Isagenix a Health and Wellness program.
Dave's private practice in Havertown PA is shared with other psychodramatist who offer persona and professional growth and on going therapies.
Dave is well known as a community advocate for Recovery. He is a designated trainer for the PA Department of Health Co-occurring Disorders initiative. To sum up David is involved in the individual, community, city, county, state, national and international recovery arena.
Dave's training; experience, passion and personal healing have lead him to understand that we can not treat the mind and ignore the body. What the mind forgets the body remembers. So treating the body as well as the mind/emotions is as important as treating the spirit. Working with Isagenix he has come to understand and share the realization that "… the body is a miracle for strengthening your immune system".
David's spiritual journey that he would like to share has lead him to three (3) national and international communities that offer as there mission statements the healing "… of no less than that of all human kind". 1. Recovery, 2. Psychodrama, 3. Isagenix. Please join him on this journey.




Bob Newell - Updated 10/15/2003 - Facilities Engineer for the GM Saturn plant in Tennessee




Tish O'Hara - Updated 10/15/2003 - 610-566-8457 Married for 25 years to Doug Greaves, live in Media, PA We have 3 children Courtney 23 years old. She graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Currently living at home and working in the area. Wants to be a screenwriter. Douglas 18 years old and is a senior at Penncrest High School. Plays Ice Hockey and is Treasurer of his class. Plans on college to major in Engineering. Kevin 11 years old. Attends Springton Lake Middle School, plays Ice Hockey and is spoiled to death. I am the Controller/Operations Mgr for DermaMed USA Inc. a small manufacturing Company in Lenni, PA We specialize in the Anti-Aging Market, which is a good place to be right now considering the fact that I am getting old! Worked many years at the Franklin Mint until the great layoff of January 2002 where I was Director of Wholesale Operations. Graduated from Widener College, where I met my husband. He is a builder for "Arters, Greaves & Brown"


Dan O'Lone - Updated 10/15/2003 - Shortly after graduation, I had to report to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. Four years later I earned a BS degree in Marine Engineering on June 8, 1977 and Janet and I were married on June 9, 1977 in Woodlyn, PA. I stayed in the Navy for 21 years serving as a Submarine Officer. I can't tell you where we went or what we did, but you can read all about it in a book called Blind Man's Bluff that was published a couple years ago. The Navy was kind enough to send me to MIT in 1990 so I could get a Master's Degree in Nuclear Engineering. They allowed 2 years for this endeavor, but I didn't like school that much so I finished 2 Master Degrees in 18 months. I retired from the Navy a few years ago and we moved to New Hampshire where I had a job lined up as CEO of a small computer software company. I figured that I would stay at that job until I was ready to retire for good, but I soon found out that I hated it and wanted to retire before I reached 50 instead of waiting to 65 or 70. But the kids needed to eat and we did build quite a family along the way...Janet worked several different jobs while I was going to sea after we got married. Then she started teaching school. She stayed with that for about 6 years and then, in 1988, she resigned to home school our first son, Daniel. She hasn't worked out of the house since. Here is a line up of the kids. Daniel 1982 Bethany 1986 Alison 1990 Christian 1992 Samuel 1996 Emma 1998 Matthew 2002 That should be 7 of them. Ages span from 21 years to 1 year. That must be a record of some kind! Anyway, a few years ago I met a US Air Force Academy grad who was also a lawyer, Harvard MBA and former senator from SC. He told me about a business that allowed him to retire in about 5 years. I checked it out very carefully and joined him. I have been able to quit my job and will be fully retired right about the time I reach 50. I am actively seeking other motivated people who want out of the rat race and want to make serious money. When we were at Ridley back in 1973 we all had dreams about what we would do, where we would live, what we would drive. Then reality set in and many of those dreams vaporized. I help people regain their dreams. Check out my website www.DansTeam.com. Best regards, Dan & Janet O'Lone 603-664-7914 PS Please post pictures from the reunion. I can probably put together a quick website after the event with pics and any non-incriminating anecdotes




Patrick Pastor - Updated 10/15/2003 - Dentist


Len Pinto - Updated 10/15/2003 - Sofitel Philadelphia - Director of Engineering and Security, President of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Engineer's Association, Member of the Philadelphia Crime Prevention Council. Re-married, six kids and living happily in Ridley Park.


Bob Piotti - Updated 10/15/2003 - Taught Middle school in Wilmington Delaware for 10 years and then began coaching swimming at Widener University for the past 15 years. Still haven¦t worked a day in my life. Living in Glen Mills and father to 4 boys 11,9,7,and 5 some one should have warned me years ago I was too old for this lifestyle. Still fantasize about "Meat sauce over fluffy rice and Cheese dreams". Hey I lent somebody 10 bucks in "CAF-B" 30 years ago.


Diane Pompo -  Updated 9/15/2008 - Married 26 years to Mike a Police Captain. We have three children, Michele 24 (Married, Graduated from West Chester University works in marketing); Sean, 22 (Graduated from Neumann College, Police Officer) and Michael 19 (Sophomore at West Chester University). I live in Drexel Hill and have been working at St. Bernadette School and Rectory for the past 14 years.




Sue Radewonuk -  Updated 9/17/2008 - I have been married 33 yrs, and have four children and six granddaughters. John is 32 and has two daughters Jocelyn 4 yrs and Rachael 2 yrs. Becky is 31 and has two daughters Elizabeth 11 yrs and McKenzie 11 months. Susie is 28 and has one daughter Madeline 11 yrs and is expecting one in April. Jacalyn is 26 and has one daughter Georgianna 4 yrs old. McKenzie and Madeline are 5 days apart. I got my BSN from Widener University in 1988. I have worked in two hospitals, Home Care and Hospice. I am between jobs at this time. Jack took me to Alaska for my 50th birthday present. We did the land and sea tour. The country side was so peaceful and beautiful. I even thought about moving there until I started thinking about the winter and snow. I would like to take another trip back there again some time. Jack and I have lived in West Chester for 19 yrs and this will probably be our last move because I hate moving. Cassie Carter and I took a trip to China two years ago which was very interesting. We were able to stand on the Great Wall of China. It was nice to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. I will be traveling back to San Diego with Cassier after the reunion for a vist to "sunny CA".


Mike Ralph - Updated 10/15/2003 - School Psychologist on Mackworth Island-Governor Baxter School for the Deaf located in Casco Bay north of Portland. It is such a peaceful place.


Denise Rohr - Updated 10/15/2003 - My husband Tony and I just celebrated 27 years of marriage. We have two wonderful children, Mike 18 who is studying computer science and Stephanie 9 who is talented in math, science and swimming. We have an unruly Black Lab as our "middle child". We have traveled extensively and are currently residing in Leesburg, VA.


Gary Ross - Updated 10/15/2003 - Employed by Varsal, Inc., Sales & Marketing, industrial chemicals for plating electronics, analytical instrument parts, and precision optics. Married 19 years to Ruth, who works at Pilot Air Freight. Do historic restoration on our house - would like to start a series "This Poor Old House". Play old time banjo, guitar and do Appalachian square dance gigs. Name of the band is Rockdale Ramblers. When I went to Penn State we were required to have slide rules before class started. The first class they told us we could buy calculators. I got a TI that had 10 scientific functions maybe $85. I still have a brand new Post slide rule in a leather case. First job was a chemist for a company that was started by Kathy Hamre's older brother Bill. Helped develop a product and then when on the road to sell it to electronic companies. Big break came in 1983 when IBM, Boca called and I was already near their place. We had no idea what the job would require and our product ended up being used on the original IBM PC. Remember the double floppies? I have ended up doing many things since I left high school that I would have said you were crazy if you recited a list to me when I was 18.


Howard Royer - Updated 10/15/2003 - Immediately after graduating from the best high school on the planet and with the best class, I went into the Air Force and enjoyed a 22-year career. I retired from the Air Force in 1995 and finally got my degree in Computer Information Systems and presently work for the State of Texas as an IT Manager. I am married, have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren. I sure do wish I could get away and attend the reunion.




Terry Savastano - Updated 10/15/2003 - I have been teaching English at Ridley High since 1977, which makes this my 27th year of teaching! I've taught many of our classmates' kids! I'm also an actor who works primarily in the on-camera area: commercials, film, and industrial film, and I teach acting classes at MikeLemonCasting in Phila.


John Seitz -  Updated 9/29/2008 - Current:
I live, work and play in New London Pa, (Chester County). I have two great kids, John IV, 11 years old and Samantha 9 years. Between my kids and my business I stay quite busy. I look back on my time at Ridley with fond memories. All the time I spent in the TV studio was a valuable foundation for my career and business.

My Journey:
After High School, I took a little time off from a routine life. I was a lifeguard at a resort in the Poconos for two summers, took several long Motorcycle rides around the country and worked as an electronics technician at a Hi-Fi Music Shop and a government missile contractor. After that I worked for Hewlett-Packard, then started my own business.

I've always pictured myself married with a family. That has been the most elusive for me. I've married twice but without lasting success. I met my first wife Cindy a U of D. We were together 6 years before we split up, she moved to San Francisco. Eleanor my second wife grew up spending every year in a different part of the world on military bases. After about eight years together she grew restless and wanted to move, I didn't want to.
In 1995 I became rather ill and struggled for a long time until I was properly diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. My recovery was long and painful, over 5 extended stays in local hospitals, literally years on IV antibiodics. I finally got better after designing and building my own HyperBaric Oxygen chamber which I treated myself in for 18 months. Lyme is a tough illness, I'd be glad to share my experiences and knowledge with anyone who is confronted with this horrible illness.

It took a little while for my thirst for knowledge to overcome the forces that kept me from going to college (having fun and earning money). I resumed my education as a night engineering student at Weidner College.
After a year or so there, I wanted something more rigorous, so started taking classes at the University of Delaware while working for Hewlett-Packard full time. Five years later I graduated with a BSEE in Electrical Engineering.

I worked for Hewlett-Packard as a design engineer for 9 years. They are a great company to work for (as big companies go). During my time there I got to meet Bill and Dave which was quite inspirational. One of my assignments took me to East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall. I'll never forget Military Guards with drawn machine guns at every major corner. Really made me appreciate our country.
I left HP to start my own company 'Seitz Tech'.... what a wild ride that has been! In that business I did consulting 2 days a week for a year to Timex Corp in Little Rock. I worked with a startup company rolling out Cell phone services long before they were common place. And I spent several months in China with a joint venture.
Probably the most fun I've had was being the chief engineer / designer of the SkyCam system. We started that in 1983. It took me to the set of the Natural with Robert Redford, the Summer Olympics in LA, numerous college and NFL football games and some rock video performances with Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Hall&Oates, Brian Adams and David Bowie.
My company later supplied remote control film cameras for movies like 'Out of Africa' and the TV show Miami Vice to name a few.
Presently my business focus is on video camera visualization of endoscopic surgery and airway management. My latest project is:http://proshields.info


Dolores Shaw - Updated 10/15/2003 - Property Management Co./Center City


Dave Steckel - Updated 10/15/2003 - Tug Boat Captain. I have 2 daughters, one 19 attending Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Pamona, NJ and a 17 year old daughter a junior at Deptford High School in Deptford, NJ. Married for 22 years.


Nikolaos (Nik) Stefanidis , Ph.D -  Updated 9/10/2008 - Dr. Stefanidis, or best known as Dr. Nik by the youth, is working as the supervising psychologist at the High Risk Youth Program of the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles for the past twenty-one years. He established an internship-training program for pre and postdoctoral level psychologists. Currently, he is the Clinical Director and primary supervisor of the training program. Dr. Nik is also employed by the Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN), which operates a Drop-in center, Shelter, and two Group Homes for homeless runaway/throwaway youth ages 12 to 17. Dr. Nik is the Director of Clinical Training at LAYN, providing training and supervision for the front line staff and first year Social Work interns from the University of Southern California. One of Dr. Nik's favorite responsibilities is street outreach. Every other Thursday night from 10pm to about 1am Dr. Nik and his interns "street walk" in the Hollywood area in search of homeless disenfranchised youth who roam the streets of Hollywood in search of kinship only to fall prey to drug dealers and pimps. The Los Angeles Free Clinic, now the Saban Free Clinic, is another site where Dr. Nik provides services to homeless youth, and youth at risk of becoming homeless, as well as, My Friends Place (MFP), a drop-in center for 12-25 year olds, and A Brighter Future, (ABF), a shelter young women survivors of domestic violence. Dr. Nik is an assistant clinical professor of Pediatrics at the Keck Scholl of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Adjunct Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University, and the Clinical DirectorCommunity Trauma Treatment Center for Runaway and Homeless Youth. Dr. Nik has given many lectures on the attachment antecedents and the psychological impact on youth, at home and abroad. He has authored a number of articles, as well as, chaired or served as a committee member on doctoral dissertations. For five years Dr. Nik provided parenting classes to incarcerated women in the Twin Towers in Los Angeles. He continues to co-lead parenting classes at Saint Sophia's, and he is an active member of the Philanthropia ministry.


Joe Sweeney -  Updated 10/6/2008 - Married to a former Ridley grad, Deb Marsich and recently celebrated our 33rd anniversay. We have two children, Joe (30) & Melissa (28). I own my own business, Medical Equipment Contractors which celebrated 15 years this past July. Joe has been employed with MEC for the past 12 years and graduated from Shippensburg. Melissa is a University of Maryland graduate and has relocated back to West Chester and is now teaching at Uwchlan Hills Elementary School in Downingtown. Joe and Melissa each have their own homes and live within a 3 mile radius of our home in West Chester.




John Tereniak - Updated 10/15/2003 - I am an attorney, working for an insurance company. I am the guy that denies the insurance claims you submit. I'm hoping, no, determined, to figure out what I really want to do with my life before the 40th Reunion.


Allan Thomas - Updated 10/15/2003 - Recently remarried on 9/26/04 (after 23 years of marriage #1) to one of our classmates, Suzanne Csanady who had taken me to the Soph Hop in 1971. I have a 19 year old son, Cole, who is attending Georgetown University on scholarship, and a 16 year old daughter, Devan, a high school junior at Methacton High School. After attending Mississippi State and Shippensburg Universities, I spent 25 years in various sales and sales management roles for many companies in the IT industry. I have owned a toner cartridge and inkjet remanufacturing company for 11 years and now am involved with the business, Diamond Imaging, full-time. Check us out at DiamondImaging.org. All Greenraiders are eligible for 10% discount. Suzanne and I remet each other shortly before the 30th Class Reunion and merged out two families in September 2004. We currently reside near Valley Forge, PA and have been enjoying life to the fullest with our 4 kids (she has a 22 year old son and 19 year old hottie) and our 4 dogs; 2 Golden Retrievers, a beagle mix and a lap-rat. Goldens are going to have puppies in late spring for those of you looking for a wonderful and handsome pet. I recently attended Professional Baseball Umpiring School in January '04 with the dream to making it to the majors (should have started years ago) and am quite active at the high school, American Legion and area men's leagues, as well as with the Little League and Babe Ruth. Still working on moving up to the college level and independent professional leagues. Play alot of golf, fly occasionally (pilots license in 1982) and enjoy landscaping and other mundane home chores.


Becky Thomas - Updated 10/15/2003 - I'm just so disappointed that I was unable to attend the reunion. But this web-site is great. Thanks, guys! I'll not write a book - if you want more information than email me! I'm living in the Cayman Islands. Can you believe? I'm living in Paradise. I was married for 17 years - living in Guatemala(my ex works for the State dept.) and escaped with my 3 teenagers back in 1993. (It was a very abusive relationship,) Moved in with my brother in Delaware for all of a week - got our own place....went to work with Christiana Care Visiting Nurse Association..And spent the next 9 years raising teenagers and being married to my job. Which I actually loved -however I totally burned myself out. 2 years ago in January - I resigned - went and got my Real Estate license.. and the next thing I know - I end up marrying my David. I met him through my oldest daughter and son-in-law who were living in the Cayman Islands. Now we are both doing Real Estate. To be honest it's more like I'm running a bed and breakfast - we have company all the time- which is why I couldn't make the reunion. I've never seen my extended family and some of these friends more - than since I moved here. I'm the snorkeling queen - but will be diving next. My kids are ecstatic for us. We had about 30 family members fly down here for our wedding a year ago in July - and it was the time of our lives. Not a dry eye anywhere -I think my family was happy to get me married off - and living a happy life! Oh and I became a grandmother last year. My oldest and my youngest both gave me beautiful grandaughters. Although I must admit that it took a LONG time to get used to being called a grammom. But they are great because they laugh like me... (haha) Please post my email address Vince - I'd love to hear from everyone! And you are all invited to the Cayman Islands. I'll help plan the next reunion!
Love, Becky Thomas
You can reach Becky via email at rebeccab@candw.ky


Leslie Tohanczyn - Updated 10/15/2003 - Recently moved back to the East Coast (VA Beach) from Santa Cruz, CA for work reasons (from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back again) We got to Cali by way of Washington, DC; Fort Worth, TX and Denver, Colorado. Speaking of work, I've been in High-Tech (data and telecommunications), currently working with Hughes Satellite Services for business subscribers here in VA Beach. Personal info: Widowed, One Son, Cory 15 & in HS




Victoria Voskovec -  Updated 9/15/2008 - Married, 2 kids, Brad who is 29 and Amber who is 18, 2 dogs, 2 cats. Also, I am a grandmother of one grandson, Jordan. Living in Essington, PA. I own a home health care business in Swarthmore, PA.




Carol West - Updated 10/15/2003 - Teacher/7th grade Social Studies and Language Arts at Our Lady of Charity in Brookhaven.


Debbie Woolson - Updated 10/15/2003 - Recently celebrated 30 years at CMR-a company that monitors advertising-started there 2 months after graduation. I am now a Product Analyst in the Quality Assurance Dept. there. I'm widowed with no children and currently live in West Chester. I am still a political activist though on a smaller scale than previously. I serve on the Board of Directors for ELC (End of Life Choices) and am an outside travel agent for a local agency in Delaware County. For fun I'm a Tastefully Simple Home Demonstrator. I look forward to seeing old friends on Sat.


Nancy Worthington - Updated 10/15/2003 - I have been working as an art gallery director in Short Hills, NJ for 5 years. Previous to that I was an art teacher at the Peddie School (a private high school in NJ) for 4 years, after graduating from Rutgers Univ. My husband, Dave (who is a senior associate of academic services at the computer center in Princeton Univ.), and I just celebrated our 29Th anniversary. We love hanging with our 4 kids when they come to party and play games at our house. Lauren is in her Junior year at Princeton Univ. and my three boys Erik, Jesse, and Lance all completed college and are now working and living with their girlfriends within driving proximity to our home in Belle Mead, NJ. We have filled the empty nest with 7 cats of which 3 adopted us, two are from a shelter in which my daughter works, and two more we adopted that remained kitten size.


Peg Wurm Masci -  Updated 9/15/2008 - My son is 28 years old now.He moved to Las Vegas four years go with a bunch of his college buddies.They live in a five bedroom house. He has a degree as a kinesiology major but never taught children. I put him through bartending school school and college. He now is a juggling bartender on the Las Vegas strip. As a student teacher, he taught his students how to juggle which was a big hit. Micki my (daughter) has yet to find herself. She works for Brandywine Veterinarian Hospital as a receptionist.
I was a medical transcriptionist for eight years doing work for Taylor Hospital, Delaware County Memorial Hospital,etc. I am working working from home now as a medical transcriptionist.
My husband is Al, and we have been married 30 years. He works at Sun Oil as a pump machinist (27 years).




John Yavor - Updated 10/15/2003 - I have been a machine designer for the last 30 years, and I have been working as an independent contractor for 28 of those years, I am currently working at my 44th different contract. I have worked on machines to build or assemble things from space shuttle parts to paper cups and most things in between. I currently live in the south central Pa area, where I have been since 1981. I spent 28 years with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in various positions in the artillery. I transferred to the Army Reserve in Jan 2003 and I am currently serving with the 78th Division in Edison NJ. I am a Lt. Colonel and I am assigned as a Battalion Observer/Trainer. This is the reason that I will be unable to attend the reunion. I will be attending a school that I was told about this past weekend. I am an instructor at the Berks County Career and Technology Center (fancy new name for the Vo-Tech to please the politically correct morons of this country) in the continuing education department, and I teach 2 nights a week. I am currently separated after 18 years of marriage, and I have 1 daughter that lives with me. Not much else to tell, not a very interesting bio, but it seems more interesting to live it than write it. Sorry I cannot attend, but duty calls.


Michele Young Novotni -  Updated 10/6/2008 - I've been married 33 years to my Widener college sweetheart- Bob Novotni a math teacher and football coach at Conestoga High School. We have two sons. Duane (age 29) is engaged and teaching math in Virginia. Jarryd (age 22) is also planning to become a math teacher. He's a senior at UNCC and a Division 1 athlete in track and field. He used to be in time out for throwing things when he was little. Now he gets medals!

I am a psychologist, coach, consultant and speaker in private practice in Wayne, PA. www.michelenovotni.com Our son, Jarryd, has AD/HD, which has shaped my career path. Over the years I have become recognized as an International thought leader in the field of AD/HD. I've had the opportunity to speak all over the world sharing both professional expertise and personal experiences to help those impacted by AD/HD. I recently spearheaded the U.S. Senate Resolution creating a National AD/HD Awareness Day to help increase awareness. I'm a regular columnist for ADDitude Magazine, frequently quoted in the media and was the scientific editor for ADHD for Dummies. I have written three books – What Does Everybody Else Know that I Don't?; Adult AD/HD: A Reader Friendly Guide and Angry with God. I'm currently finishing up my fourth - Keys to Social Success.

In the past I've been an English teacher, a school psychologist, a behavior management consultant and a college professor at Eastern University.
I attended Widener University, Georgia Southern University and earned my Ph.D. from University of Mississippi.
We live in Malvern, PA and spend summers at our beach house in Emerald Isle, NC.
Email: michelenovotni@yahoo.com

Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
Helping folks who color outside the lines
Wayne Counseling Center, 987 Old Eagle School Road, Suite 719
Wayne, PA 19087

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